Introducing new Exercise Timer features

Introducing new Exercise Timer features

In the last few months we have been busy collecting feedback from different users. It was very interesting and inspiring to see how people from different backgrounds across the globe, use Exercise Timer in their own ways. We were more than satisfied to see people using Exercise Timer to perform yoga routines and others using it to recover from back problems. It was these stories and others that motivated us to revamp everything. It would be impossible to go through all the small added features in this blog, but here are the top ones.

Revamped UI

exercise timer update

Before the update, to stop the workout one needed to press the ‘STOP’ button twice in a short interval of time. The idea was that no one stops the workout by mistake. However, being a bit unconventional, this turned out to be a bit annoying. So, the whole bottom bar was replaced by a single pause button, which shows the stop button only when the workout is paused.

Apart from this, we have made the ui bolder, to make it easier to see from a distance. The laps now start from 1 instead of 0, since it makes more sense to show the current lap than the laps performed.

Exercise List

Exercise List

We have noticed that while in the gym, it is sometimes impossible to perform all exercises in order, since the required equipment might be already in use. This gave us the idea to introduce the Exercise List view. You can switch between this view and the normal view via the small list icon on the bottom right of the screen. From here you will see a breakdown of all exercises in your workout and you are free to skip to any exercise you wish, by a simple tap.


Workout History Feature

This is our favorite new feature. From now on Exercise Timer will store your workout history for your own reference. You would be able to see how much time you spend on a particular workout and the total workout time you performed daily. By clicking on a particular date on the chart, the app will show you all the workouts done just on that day.

What more? When you finish a workout you can add a note about your workout. This can then be viewed from the workout History menu.


The fact that Exercise timer is being used for yoga lead us to add a yoga ‘Gong’ bell. This can be optionally selected from the settings menu. We have also added a more modern bell sound which designed for workouts with shorter intervals.

In the latest update you might have noticed that the next exercise name is called out before the countdown. This was done such that you can prepare for the next exercise before it actually starts. Unfortunately, from the early feedback this was not ideal for everyone. So we decided to perform another minor update, which will make this feature optional from the audio settings.

Workout Plans

Some users asked for the option to group their workouts. The grouping of workouts turned out to be a very useful feature for Trainers, which have different workout plans for different clients. This was the inspiration behind the new workout plans feature. Each workout plan can be filled with different workouts and the same workout can be used in different workout plans.


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Founder at ExerciseTimer

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    1. Hi Todd, Please note that Exercise Timer only supports Android Wear devices. If your device is Android Wear just install the Exercise Timer app from Google play on your watch. If the app do not sync immediately make sure you have the latest Android wear software installed on your watch. Let me know if you need more info.

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