Update – Create your custom Interval Timer faster

Update – Create your custom Interval Timer faster

We are thrilled to share with you the improvements we have been working on for the past few weeks. If you have been creating your custom interval timers using Exercise Timer for Android, then you will be equally delighted with this new update. Our goal in this update was to give the app a new look and make it faster to set up an interval timer. Here are the improvements that were done in the latest update.


New Look for the workout editor

Improved Interval Timer Creator Interface

One of the first things which will probably catch your eye when opening the workout editor is the larger exercise intervals. This will make editing your interval timer less of an effort, especially after a long workout.

Moving the interval duration under the exercise name might seem like an unnecessary refinement at first glance. However, this will make your life a lot easier if you’re fond of long exercise names.


Enhanced Exercise Sorting

Three major improvements were done to enhance the sorting of exercise intervals.

  1. The sorting handle was moved from the left side of the screen to the right. This will ensure that you will be able to sort your exercises using only your right hand.
  2. If you used the former version of Exercise Timer, you were probably annoyed at how the screen inconveniently scrolled all the way up when an exercise was sorted. This issue is now fixed.
  3. We made the workout name and laps scroll along with the exercise list. This will allow you to see more exercises while sorting and editing them.


Quicker & more Exact Exercise Duration

Quicker setting of exercise interval

This is the feature that we’re most excited about! We replaced the former circular duration editor with this new horizontal duration editor.

The new duration editor promises that you will be able to set your interval duration more accurately in half the time. You can now swipe to your desired duration or simply tap on it. For those who would rather use their keyboard, just tap on the underlined value in the middle.


Distinct & Colored Exercise Groups

Colored & more distinct Interval Groups

In this new update, the groups are redesigned to be more distinct from the other exercises and from each other. This was done by allowing you to set their color as you would do for other exercises.


Support for 5 New Languages

We are excited to announce that Exercise Timer is now localized to Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Japanese and Polish. Many thanks to Matthias, Salatiel Filho, and Marek Bogacz for eagerly and freely translating parts of the App.

Exercise Timer language Flags



Melvin Zammit

Founder at ExerciseTimer

6 Replies to “Update – Create your custom Interval Timer faster”

  1. Love using your app for teaching my classes so much I went premium! ( big deal because I never put extra money into free apps). I use it practically everyday so paying the $3 to skip exercises with out ads, or auto stops is a game changer. The volume on the voice is equalized prefectly enough that it cuts clear right through backround music (Spotify) with out drowning out the tunes. The new update to the design of the interface is a nice touch, clean. Thank you for addressing the issue with the interval timer. This makes it so much easier to select the perfect timing for each work out, compared to the circle interval timer which was pretty much a crap-shoot. Either my fingers were too big or too sweaty to ever accurately get the right time. So thanks again!. Plan on playing around some more with the app to test the new features. Might
    I suggest a few more color themes for premium users (to match each persons unique taste); maybe an option that allows you to have your notes read by the voice as well. This app has a promising future! Its clean, simple to use, and makes organizing easy.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Pierre! We are always working to improve Exercise Timer. I have taken a note of your feedback.

  2. It would be great if we can do more on workout plan except just show the list in workout plan. I hope we can run through all excercise in the workout plan

    1. This feature is still relatively new and we are still collecting feedback to see how it can be improved. I have taken note of your feedback. Thanks!

  3. Hi Melvin,

    I love this app which I’ve been using for several years now 🙂

    Regarding the workout plan, I’m wondering how this feature is supposed to be used?
    I was looking for a way to link workouts together. For example I could create several workouts such as: warmup, upper body, lower body and streching. Then I would on some days do warmup + upper body + streching, and on other days warmup + lower body + streching.
    Is that something that would make sense?


    1. Hi Bernhard,
      What you mentioned is a good use of a workout plan. However, since warmup, upper body & stretching are sub-groups of a single workout, you might want to consider adding them as groups inside a single workout.
      A Workout Plan is ideal for when you need to plan workouts for a whole week, or say a 6 week plan.

      P.S. Good News for you: The workout plan is currently being revamped for the next version. It is currently in testing and would be released very soon. We would be adding features such as reordering of workouts in plan, plan description, sharing of plan and other features which most of Exercise Timer’s users required.

      All the best!

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