Exercise Timer now supports Landscape!

Exercise Timer now supports Landscape!

We love the classic circular design of Exercise Timer. This classic design has been refined through the years to provide all the information you need during a workout. However there was always one thing missing from it. The ability to use it in Landscape mode.

The classic UI was never designed for Landscape, and this is why we had disabled landscape in Exercise Timer. In this update, we have designed the Interval Timer activity screen from scratch specifically for landscape.

This feature is ideal if you want to use Exercise Timer on a bigger screen such as for a gym Interval Timer.

What about the Exercise List?

It is still there! We tried to keep all the features present in the classic UI but adapt them a bit to work better in landscape mode.

How do I enable Landscape?

To enable landscape mode, go to workout settings and change the theme to landscape (it’s currently the last theme). This feature is currently only available in Android, but will soon be available on iOS.

You might ask, why not enable landscape when tilting my phone? We tried this one, but it gets annoying to have the app switching between landscape/portrait if the phone is on the person while doing the workout. So we decided it will give a better experience if the orientation is set before starting a workout.

Melvin Zammit

Founder at ExerciseTimer

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