Best Workouts to lose weight

Best Workouts to lose weight

Whether we are looking to shed off some weight prior to the holiday season or commit to a long-term diet, we need to combine our food plan with an adequate training programme. With the overload of information available on fitness, it can be daunting to select a gym, a class, or a workout.

Which workouts are renown to be the most efficient and pleasurable to lose weight?

Calorie deficit and fun factor

Calories in vs calories out balance

When we evaluate our time spent exercising, we are looking to create a deficit, meaning that our intake of calories must be inferior to our energy spent throughout the day. We are henceforth required to select workouts which are going to push us harder than our typical 45-minute treadmill run.

We also need to take in consideration the fun factor, probably the most overlooked but the most important one. It is the one which will make us come back, day after day, week and after week, and prove that losing weight doesn’t have to be boring and painful but the opposite: distracting and enjoyable.



Interval Weight Training

High-Intensity Interval Training counts as the most efficient way to induce the body into hard period of work interspersed with short rest period of rest. While doing so, we train the heart, build muscles and increase our metabolic rate.

Weight loss with HIIT
All these elements combined have us burn a significant number of calories, even after we are done with the activity. It keeps us in a healthier shape by indirectly affecting our food choices and triggers a positive mind set due to the secretion of endorphins.

How to interval train?
The concept is simple as it involves one discipline such as biking, rowing or running, or as many as needed, framed into an interval type of workout. It can be done alone or within a studio in a class setting.

The point is to feel the body really pushing for the entire time it is working and have it truly rest the rest of the time. All that is needed is a timer, great music and the desire to push our limits for maximum effects!



Bootcamp Workout

During a boot camp class, not a muscle is left to rest. It is usually comprised of bodyweight movements performed at a rapid tempo. It combines resistance and cardio training and develops strength and endurance.

Some studios use free weights, other have us run on a treadmill or use a rower or an air bike. Its diversity resembles a circuit training hence the variety of muscles which are targeted in only one hour session.



Crossfit Workout

In order to be able to perform quick workouts efficiently, there needs to be an understanding of movement. CrossFit lies beneath that principles as it introduces constantly varied movements which require skills and repetition.

It is impossible to become bored if we practice CrossFit and the camaraderie which ties members together is unique in the fitness industry.

The type of activities span from weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics, transforming us into athletes, influencing us to adopt a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, recovery) daily.



Boxing Workout

Here is a typical workout which is both physically entertaining and satisfying physically. Contrary to popular belief boxing requires the use of core strength a lot more than arms and shoulders especially in fitness classes where the goal is not to knock out an opponent.

Form is paramount and therefore is often taught on the side next to strengthening movements. Being able to box for as long as 20 minutes requires endurance as we are constantly on our toes, hopping and circling as dynamically as possible. We should end the class sweating and empowered.


Custom workouts with weights and cardio

If attending a class is not possible, there are other methods to exercise at home or at a global gym. Planning is key to prevent sitting for an hour before giving up, deprived of motivation. We can be assured to never go wrong by selecting either one of these two templates:

During a TABATA, we alternate a full 20-second of work with 10 seconds of rest and repeat this scheme 8 times (4 minutes total).

Multi – Perform each of the following motions one after the other
Single – Perform each of the following motions for the entire TABATA
– Air squats
– Hollow rocks
– Jumping Jacks
– Down ups

During an EMOM, we perform a set number of reps, rest the remaining time, and re-attack the following minute. The duration of an EMOM is variable from 5 to 30 minutes.
Ideally, we want to alternate upper body, core and lower body movements.

8 minutes example: Perform for 30 seconds:
– Push-ups (Upper body)
– Alternate lunges (Lower body)
– V-sit-ups (Core)
– Burpees (Everything)

10 minutes example: Perform for 1 entire minute each of the following motions:
– Jumping rope
– Kettlebell Deadlifts (medium weight, you should be able to do 15 to 20 reps without compromising form)
– Russian twists with same kettle bell (aim for 8 to 10)



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Tamara is a journalist based in London. She is a specialist in fitness, writing specifically on the topic of CrossFit.

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