Should I start a 30-day challenge or join a gym?

Should I start a 30-day challenge or join a gym?

We are looking to better ourselves. Every single day. Whether it’s by improving the quality of our food, lowering our stress levels, or becoming healthier physically. Wouldn’t it be nice to get into a gym routine 365 days a year? Some people have found a passion for a sport, others enjoy the satisfaction of a sweaty workout. At the end of the day, anyone can find both pleasure and motivation in fitness! You may have already attempted numerous classes but are now contemplating a format that you have yet to test out: the 30-day challenge. Instead of joining a gym, should you give it a go?

What is a 30-day challenge?

30-Day Challenge

It’s a program designed to be performed every day for a total of 30 days. It usually focuses on one movement, for instance, a push-up, pull-up, squat, or sit-up. By the end of the challenge, it is possible to reach an impressive number of repetitions by gradually adding a small number of repetitions each day. We, therefore, avoid demanding too much, too soon from our bodies.

Will it be enough?

It depends on personal objectives. During the challenge, we can include any type of movement and decide on the number of repetitions in order to increase intensity as we go.

For instance, if a squat challenge is too little, we can combine different exercises such as a squat, a push-up and a sit-up and count the whole as one repetition. The second day we will perform two of the 3 movements which is also called a complex. A 30-day challenge is achievable from the beginning. As days go by, our bodies adapt and work harder almost without noticing the additional repetitions.

Benefits of a 30-day challenge


A 30-day challenge is perfect for someone who lacks motivation but who is also determined to become fit. The fact that the challenge is set for 30 days is a reasonable target to aim for a someone who usually doesn’t enjoy a flat routine. After the challenge is done, another one can be set with different movements.

Non-physical challenge add-ons

We begin the month with a physical movement, but it is also a great idea to add a nutrition challenge on the side. For instance, why not create a “3 different veggies a day” challenge?

It’s free!

Another benefit of a 30-day challenge is its free nature: charge free and guilt free. No need to sign up and pay a subscription we are not going to be using.

Without straining our bodies and our mindset, we should be able to complete a number of reps we would never usually dream of achieving. It is a real buzz and a confidence boost!

How do I make myself accountable?

Keeping a diary whether it’s a journal, social media or starting a blog where we log our progress is the first step. The entire point of a 30-day challenge is to look back on our progress each day to assess our far we have come and refrain from quitting. It is honestly a project which will go by quickly (30 days) and by its progressive nature is motivating enough to follow solo.

Another option is to join a challenge with an inclusive Facebook group or simply ask a friend to partner up during this experience.

Why would I rather join a gym?

If the goal is to keep fit all year round and we are the type of person who enjoys a steady routine, then a gym sounds like a better option.

Joining a gym means that we are in control of our schedule. Some days we can take a class, another day hit the weights room. It is a process which requires dedication and consistency but can also be great fun due to its social aspect.

At the end of the day, it is about choosing the best for our abilities and lifestyle. Both are excellent manners to start a fitness journey or to maintain healthy behaviors.

Tamara Akcay

Tamara is a journalist based in London. She is a specialist in fitness, writing specifically on the topic of CrossFit.

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