Why you Should Mix up your Fitness Routine

Why you Should Mix up your Fitness Routine

You have been enjoying attending the same class for quite some time now. You love being greeted by the same members, feel comfortable with the current structure of the workouts, and knowing which trainer coaches the class. It allows you to get mentally ready for the entire session. Your fitness routine is set, creating well-being and stability.

This is exactly why your fitness routine needs to be shaken up! Although it might feel great to walk on a steady path, mixing things up can challenge you both physically and mentally, and here is why.

Your Fitness Routine Should Challenge Your Body

Fitness Routine Challenge Body

The reason why you become better in a class which you considered tough at the beginning (Bootcamp, HIIT, or CrossFit) is because of the hard work you put in. After a while, the muscles and nervous system are able to push more through adaptation, giving you the impression that the class is easier. It’s not. You just worked harder and established a new standard for yourself. What happens when you get stuck at that level? Just because you have attained the highest speed at the highest incline on the treadmill, it doesn’t mean that you have reached the limits of your body.

If you have been doing the same movements for a while your body is probably accustomed to using the same muscles. What about the others? Switching to a brand new class on your fitness schedule is a great way to explore which other muscles you have not employed yet.

Challenge Your Mind

Fitness Routine

You exercise your mind each time you train.

You push yourself to keep moving despite the pain. Visualise that end goal whichever it might be (getting a summer body, becoming lean and toned, or having more energy for your daily activities). When you attempt a radically different class, you inevitably have to find new resources, think of your previous wins, speak to yourself in a positive manner, and remind yourself that you trust your body and its ability. It’s a growth mindset which not only helps overcome daily challenges at the gym but extends to work or personal life.

Taking a class which doesn’t involve the same thoughts is beneficial for developing a strong mindset. How fast can you adapt your inner dialogue in order to follow the class and push yourself to your limits? Constantly varying the content of your training shows how confident and poised you can remain when facing new events and movements.

Meet New People

Fitness Routine Meet New People

Meeting a group of new people can be daunting. Especially when you are accustomed to seeing the same individuals each week. Members also hold you accountable. Facing new individuals benefits your fitness routine, as it allows you to competitively measure yourself to other levels of fitness and to stop doubting your skills.

Overcome Fitness Plateaus

Fitness Routine

If you are tracking muscle gains or weight loss, perhaps you notice you have just been hitting a plateau. Often times, you can overcome it by mixing up your routine. Have you been only attending cardio focused classes? Perhaps introducing weight or resistance based exercises could be an interesting add-on which could lead you to effective results. If you are hesitant and fearful, then that might just be what you need! Try it, and if you are unsure of how to approach the class ask a trainer beforehand.

Variety Keeps You Alert and Young Spirited

There is always a hot new class or method trending in the fitness industry. Testing out what’s new out there keeps you up to date with the world of fitness. It also gives you an opportunity to discover innovative techniques and improved drills and challenges your current fitness level. Whether it’s your body’s ability to adapt, or your mind to step out of its comfort zone.

So, which class will you be adding to your fitness routine this week?


Tamara Akcay

Tamara is a journalist based in London. She is a specialist in fitness, writing specifically on the topic of CrossFit.

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